The Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville Welcomes You!

The Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville (RACK) was founded in 1954 as a way 
of promoting the interest of amateur radio operators in the Knoxville Tennessee area.

Our primary means of funding is through the proceeds from our annual
 event, The Knoxville HamFest and Electronics Exhibition,  held the third Saturday - June 19, 2021. 

We use our HamFest income for new ham education, support of our state-of-the-art repeater 
systems and mobile emergency communications van, 
public service activities, scouting support, and scholarships for hams.

Membership dues are used to cover our meeting and operating expenses, 
member communications, picnics, fox hunts, and Field Day.

We are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. 
Donations of equipment or money are tax deductible when we 
provide letters of acknowledgement for such donations.

If you would like to make a donation to RACK,click on the PayPal® link shown below.
It's safe, secure and tax deductible!

From our President (July 10, 2020):

Hello Fellow Amateurs,
I sincerely hope everyone is staying safe in this crazy environment we live in. It is a great time to check in to nets or DXing instead of getting out in public. Our regular July meeting has changed. It will held as a Zoom call. For those that haven't participated in this type of meeting, it is very simple. Go to, enter the meeting number and then the password and join the meeting. Be sure to activate your audio and video. After you are in the meeting, please silence your microphone(lower left corner) so ambient sounds will not be heard by everyone. Just remember to activate when you choose to say something to the group.
The meeting number is 619 495 5721.
Password is 73 

Please join us for this first time event.
Don't let "I've never done this before" keep you from participating. It will start at 7pm on July16,2020. You won't be able to log in till 6:50 pm. I hope to see you next Thursday. Keep our military, law enforcement and government leaders in your prayers.

Jim Norman, N4CFB President, RACK

From our President (Message #2):

Field Day this year is a unique situation for ham radio, which gives us the opportunity to operate during a real world situation.  The purpose of Field Day is for hams to practice and demonstrate our skills by setting up and operating radio equipment as we would do during real world emergency situations. What an excellent opportunity we have this year to test our home, portable and/or mobile stations. Even though we will not be able to gather together in a large group, smaller groups of two or three could gather at a home station, set up in a back yard, or even operate from a mobile station. Remember, if you do gather with others make sure you practice social distancing and wear a mask. If you prefer to operate alone to minimize the risks, that is fine too. No matter how you can participate, you are encouraged to do so. A participant this year will use their own individual call signs and will only be permitted to operate in bands that that you are licensed for. If you operate as a group, you could operate under the call sign of the highest class present. The rules state that you must be within 1000ft radius of each other if you use the same call sign. The 24 hour operating period will begin Saturday, 27th at 2pm and will end Sunday at 28th at 2pm (local time). I have included some FAQ’s and links that should answer most questions regarding this years’ event. Logs may submitted directly to ARRL, but be sure to indicate that it is for RACK (W4BBB) so the club will get the cumulative score for your participation. You may send your logs to me and I will submit to ARRL as a group. A Field Day log sheet and an information packet are available under the RESOURCES tab on this site for your use. Please visit for additional information and updates regarding Field Day. The goal is to get as many individuals as possible to participate in this years’ event despite the current Corona Virus situation. If you have any questions or need anything additional feel free to contact me at (865) 389-2422 or email



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