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Letters from RACK President

May 5, 2021

Hello Fellow Amateurs,

Here are some updates.

First, we will be having our May meeting in person! It will be more of a social event, but we will be face to face. The RACK van will be on display. and there will be snacks to enjoy. We will meet at Cokesbury Church on Kingston Pike. The meeting area is at the North Side of Kingston Pike campus. Call us on our repeater, 147.300 for a talkin.

  Our Hamfest is on June 19, 2021 at Kerbela Temple. More information can be found on our website, www.w4bbb.org.

  Our Field Day is still being planned. It is scheduled for 6/26 & 27/2021. Stay tuned as we move forward.

 We have completed another phase of our repeater system update. New 1/2 " hardline has been installed to the new antenna system. Reports are that the repeaters are heard better and further than previously. This exciting that our equipment is working very well.

 We also have a new rack for our equipment to live. It is roomier so the equipment will have more room to breath. More information to follow on more equipment to make our system better.

  Thanks for being patient, Get our our repeaters and talk!

  Keep our military, law enforcement and government personnel in your prayers.

   See you soon,

   Jim Norman, N4CFB

   President RACK