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posted Apr 20, 2014, 8:36 AM by David Waters   [ updated Jan 18, 2019, 10:29 AM by Lou Dreinhoefer ]
The RACK repeater 145.21 on Sharps Ridge has been upgraded to latest Yeasu software and can be used in regular analog FM or digital Fusion mode, auto switched.  Tone of 100 hz required.  It is not setup for Wires-X but it is being considered.


The new repeater shack in now moved to AC4JF repeater site in Walland. The shack is now powered and the 53.770 repeater is operational.
The 6 meter FM net has been moved back to 53.770 on Sundays at 9 pm local time.


New shack/house is ready for moving to AC4JF repeater site.  Will be moved this week, wx permitting.

10-07-18  LHD

A new net is now on the 145.21 repeater on Sundays at 8 pm lead by the Sevier County ARES group.  The net starts in FM mode and then switches to digital Fusion mode. Repeater has good coverage in the North Knoxville Area and has a tone of 100 hz.

1-10-18 LHD

New underground power feed is now complete the the AC4JF site and extra meter installed for RACK equipment.  Tower has been erected for future RACK antennas.  Planning ongoing for building structure to house RACK repeater equipment with possible build by end of November.

9-23-17 LHD

The main repeater system is moved to AC4JF site.  For now only the 147.300 repeater will be operational.  The Monday night FM net will be conducted on 147.300.  The 145.21 repeater is still operational in the north Knoxville area. The 53.770 repeater is temporarily located at an east Knoxville location but has very poor coverage.  The Sunday night net will use only the 53.150 repeater starting Dec. 4.  The Sunday night will also have a USB session on 50.2 mhz starting around 9:20 and a AM session on 50.4 mhz starting around 9:40.

11-30-16 LHD

August 2015, the 444.575 and 145.21 repeaters have been upgraded to Yeasu Fusion analog/digital repeaters.  Therefore, 444.575 repeater is no longer linked to the other repeaters.  Users with Yeasu digital radios may operate these two repeaters in digital mode if desired.  If a user transmits in analog mode, the repeater switches back to analog mode.

Weekly nets:
Sunday 9 pm - RACK 6 meter, check in any of above freqs. Tone of 100 may be required
              9:30 pm - check in on usb on 50.2
              9:45 - check in on am on 50.4

Monday 9 pm - RACK Tech Net and Swap/Shop, check in any of above freqs.  Tone of 100 may be required