Items for Sale


  1.-  Kenwood TS-870, PSD-52 pwr supply, SP-31 spkr

  2.-  Icom 756 PRO2, ps-125 pwr supply, Icom spkr

  3.-  Icom 706 MK2G

  4.-  Kenwood TM-733A VHF/UHF mobile xcvr

  5.-  (2) MFJ 989C ant tuner

  6.-  MFJ 989D ant tuner

  7.-  (2) ALPHA 99 Linear Amplifier


Don has two towers standing, one has a Force 12 40M beam on top.

The other has a STEPPir beam on top.

Don would like someone to take it all, rigs, accessories, towers, beams, etc.

 Donald H Bluford, K4GN

 2716 Clover Hill Ridge Rd

  Maryville, TN  37801

Cell phone number is (865) 310-2197