Knoxville HamFest 2021

If you attended the RACK 2019 Knoxville Hamfest, we want to hear from YOU!

RACK board approved plan to proceed with the Hamfest set for June 19, 2021 and we have approval for ARRL TN State Convention.  However COVID rules may prevent having a normal indoor convention. We may have to limit number of inside tables so make your reservations early.  If you are a dealer willing to setup outside please let me know and your space requirements.  We could have a shared generator to provide power for several dealers parked near RACK Van.

You would have to  provide your own tables/tents for the outdoors with a reduced rate for spaces. Outdoor setup would be on Saturday only.  Tents must be supported without stakes because of asphalt surface.

At this time can can only have a few single inside tables.   COVID rules will not allow having a large cluster of tables shared by multiple non-family groups.

At this time we do not know if VE Testing will be possible.  Please let us know if you would like to have testing.  Number of  applicants may be limited because of room size.  We have decided to have VE testing using back low ceiling room that was used of clubs.

Free club tables will not be offered unless capacity limit restrictions are removed.  We are interested in Expo tables for family groups that want to display items not for sale.  Examples would be homebrew equipment.  We plan to offer 5 club tables staged in the west end and will send out specific invites soon.

We hope you will enjoy our food and drink concessions by food truck.  A custom developed menu for our Hamfest will be posted in a few weeks.  RACK receives a percentage on the sales.

We do not have any arrangements with local motels or hotels.  The two closest in downtown Knoxville are Hampton Inn and Executive Inn.  Hampton is brand new and shows price of $111/night.  It you want luxury then consider Holliday Inn, Hilton, or Marriott and Embassy Suites.  For more reasonable prices consider Merchants and I-75 area - Quality Inn, Main Stay and Super 8 priced $65 to $90 and about 5 miles north from HF.

Stay tuned for updates on our status.

Apr 21, 2021
Lou - WB3JKQ

Knoxville Hamfest 2021 is Saturday June 19  8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Kerbela Temple
We look forward to seeing you there!
Talk-in 147.300 T100 Friday and Saturday
Alternate 145.33

RACK HamFest Location:

Here are a few scenes from previous RACK HamFests

Knoxville HamFest 2012 - ARRL TN State Convention

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