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The Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville (RACK) was founded in 1954 as a way 

of promoting the interest of amateur radio operators in the Knoxville Tennessee area.

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We have not done a General class since 2019 and we believe there are a lot of TECHNICIAN-licensed operators who would jump at the chance to upgrade before the question pool changes July 1, 2023.

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Information for our 2023 Hamfest is now available please go here for documents

Knoxville HamFest 

Hello Fellow Amateurs,

Our dues are payable now. We can use Paypal on our website or pay in person to Jay, our treasurer. Either way is appreciated.

A couple of things to put on your calendar. June 17, 2023, is our Knoxville Hamfest. This event is to raise funds to support our expenses for repeaters, comm van, insurance and others needs. Our members are requested to sign up and help our club with this event. Seth Eastman, N7LCT, has taken the managment role and with the guidance of past director Lou Dreinhoefer, is working to make it a great hamfest. The following weekend will be ARRL Field Days. We will again be at Ft. Dickerson Park to have the weekend get together. There will be plenty to do in the month of June.

If you would be interested in helping as a radio operator at the Knoxville Marathon on April 2,2023, Lloyd Pitney, KN4ZGB would love to put you on our list of volunteers. He can be reached at 865-740-0128. Thanks in advance for assisting in this community event.

Our March meeting will NOT be on the normal date. We will be at Cokesbury north campus, 9919 Kingston Pike. This is where we keep our Comm van stored. We will meet on Mar 25,2023, 09:00- 12:00. Our agenda will be participating in the ARRL VOTA by using the W1AW/4 callsign. We will be using different bands, HF, V/U, all modes. When we fire up the rigs using the ARRL callsign, there will be plenty of contacts and pileups for the operators. If you choose to, bring your own rig and set up in the parking lot as well. There is plenty of room. We will also have breakfast biscuits on site, so bring your own coffee and join in the fun.

We also have some great news for the unfilled board positions. Bob Holden, WB4IR, has agreed to be 2nd VP. We will hold an election to make this official. The 1st VP position is still open.

So there are alot of opportunities to help out in the next few weeks. Keep our government leaders, military and law enforcement personnel in your prayers.

Jim Norman, N4CFB


Don't Forget! March Meeting is March 25, 2023, 9am-noon.

9919 Kingston Pike, Cokesbury North Campus

Saturday we participated in the ARRL VOTA by using the W1AW/4 callsign. We met at the back parking lot of Cokesbury with our RACK van. About 15 to 20 hams were there. We will soon have the number of contacts we made and that other members made while at home.