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The Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville (RACK) was founded in 1954 as a way 

of promoting the interest of amateur radio operators in the Knoxville Tennessee area.

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June RACK  Meeting

This Thursday night, 6 PM, Wallace Memorial Church, Merchant Drive

Hello Fellow Amateurs,

The time is here. Hamfest is on the 15th and it is a Delta division sponsored event.

Since it is at Wallace Memorial, everything is new to us. We need all members to assist in making the hamfest go as smooth as possible.  Please attend our monthly meeting on the 13th to discuss final preperations and assignments. Speaking of assignments, if you don't have one, see Lou and volunteer for a task.

The inside area will be set up on Friday, starting at 1800. We only have till 2100 to get this accomplished. All able bodies are needed.

Dont forget that Field Day is the 22 and 23 of June. Ft. Dickerson Park. Start setting up about 1000. Start transmitting at 1400L. Food, radios, fellowship will be plentifull.

See you Thursday,

Keep our Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders and government officials in your prayers,

Jim Norman, N4CFB


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May RACK Meeting Program  by Todd Overbay,Radio systems analyst Tennessee Division of Forestry . Very interesting, and energetic,  presentation of the Tennessee Forestry Service state wide radio system.

The RACK Club  is sorry to report that Judy Staggs has passed away. She was the mother of our 3rd Vice President Billy Staggs. We send our condolences to Billy and his family.  Please follow the link for the obituary of Judy Staggs.  


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