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The Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville (RACK) was founded in 1954 as a way 

of promoting the interest of amateur radio operators in the Knoxville Tennessee area.

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Mobile and Foot Fox Hunt Saturday December 2nd

  Just a quick reminder for our monthly breakfast this Saturday, December 2, at the Shoney's on Emory Road in Powell. Starting at 9am until???

Hello Fellow Amateurs,

Just a quick reminder.

We are supporting WMBC with their Moon Run. Friday. 12.1.23, Victor Ashe park. Be on site at 1700L. Race starts at 1800L. Bring HT, flashlights and dress according to weather.

We will operate simplex on 147.555. Participants, please text me to signup, 865-310-8310.

Tuesday,12.5.23. Banquet with METERS at Louis Restaurant on Old Broadway. 1700L-1900L. Bring a wrapped gift for a child  to be donated, if you choose to participate.

 Saturday, 12.2.23. breakfast at Shoneys on Emory Rd. 0900L

Thanks for your participation.

Jim Norman, N4CFB


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