Post date: Apr 20, 2014 3:36:34 PM

The RACK 224.50 repeaterT100 has be re-installed and operational at the Wallen site Jan 2022

The RACK repeater 145.21 on Sharps Ridge has been upgraded to latest Yeasu software and can be used in regular analog FM or digital Fusion mode, auto switched. Tone of 100 hz required. It is not setup for Wires-X but it is being considered. The 145.21 Repeater has been moved from Sharps Ridge to Wallen on July 31, 2021.

August 2015, the 444.575 and 145.21 repeaters have been upgraded to Yeasu Fusion analog/digital repeaters. Therefore, 444.575 repeater is no longer linked to the other repeaters. Users with Yeasu digital radios may operate these two repeaters in digital mode if desired. If a user transmits in analog mode, the repeater switches back to analog mode.

Weekly nets:

Sunday 9 pm - RACK 6 meter, check in on 53.770, -1.0 MHz offset, Tone 100.0

9:30 pm - check in on usb on 50.2

9:45 - check in on am on 50.4

Monday 9 pm - RACK Tech Net and Swap/Shop, check on 147.300 repeater only. Tone of 100 will be required