Past Ham Radio Classes Info

Post date: Jan 22, 2020 7:59:6 PM

New Instructional Courses for the Technician Class has now be reschduled!

Do you want a more in-depth study of ham radio theory, or desire to obtain a new or upgraded amateur radio license? Then this class could be for you! Andy Gailey (N9PNL) recently moved here and joined the RACK Club. He is an experienced General Class license holder who likes to help new or potential hams advance their knowledge level. This could help you increase your skills and make your hobby more fun. NOTE: This is not a quick study used by many just to get a license. The emphasis is on really learning and understanding the material!

I am planning on doing a Technician Class starting Saturday March 27, 2021 through Saturday May 15.  If we could get testing done that afternoon or the following Saturday, we could have some new hams in time for Field Day.

 Time for class will be 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  I will get Lighthouse Christian Church to host the class. The address is 8015 Facade Ln, PowellTN 37849  I  am going to use a different text book than the ARRL book  that I can print out for a small fee to cover my costs of printing the text book.  $5.

I am not charging for the class. The email address that I am using for class registration and communication is  This class is open to any potential Ham and RACK membership is not required.

 Andy Gailey N9PNL