Repeaters and Nets

Sunday 6M Net


Friendly social net, announcements of events.

9:00 pm FM , vertical antenna recommended.

FREQ: 53.770 mhz T100 offset – 1 mhz

9:30 50.2 mhz USB, horizontal antenna recommended.

9:45 50.4 mhz AM, horizontal antenna recommended.

Check-in any or all

Purpose: promote the use of 6m and get signal reports from NCS. Many use vintage equipment. Interesting to hear old tube equipment on the air.

Monday Technical 2M Net


Event announcements

FREQ: 147.300 mhz, T100 offset + 600 khz FM

9 pm to 10 pm or more

Many use 5w HTs

Purpose: Technical Questions and Answers

Swap and shop equipment allowed.

Both nets use our repeaters in Walland mountain elevation 2800 feet.


RACK repeater site December 2021

RACK repeater site December 2021

Left: bottom UHF MTEARS

Middle: 6m 53.77

Top: 2m 147.300

Right: 2m 145.21

Top: UHF: 444.575

Middle top: 224.500